Project Management End-to-End Delivery

Initiation - Icon


This is the first stage of the project where the project is conceived and defined. During this stage, the project manager is appointed, and the project is scoped, defined and assessed for feasibility.

Planning - Icon


In this stage, the project plan is created. This includes defining project objectives, creating a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS), scheduling activities, creating a budget and determining the resources needed for the project.

Execution - Icon


This is where the project plan is put into action, and the project team carries out the work according to the plan. This includes coordinating resources, managing stakeholders, and monitoring progress to ensure that the project is on track.

Monitoring and Control - Icon

Monitoring and Control

This stage involved monitoring the project's progress, tracking variances from the project plan, and taking corrective action as needed. This stage includes monitoring scope, schedule, cost, and quality, and communication progress to stakeholders.

Closure - Icon


The final stage of the project involved delivering the final product, service or result to the stakeholders, and formally closing out the project. This includes conducting a final project review, archiving project information, and transitioning deliverables to operations or maintenance.