In today's market, Startup Companies need a path to profitability as quickly as possible. Avoiding costly mistakes, expensive salaries and inefficient operations can be the key to delivering a product successfully and maintaining a reputable relationship with your customers.

At B&B Consultation our Business Development strategies have helped startup companies just like you deliver on their vision and scale. Our track record of success is one we want to share with you. See more about our services below.

Project Management

Our proven track record of large scale project management operations and delivery is a suit for any business that needs assistance with a new project, no project is too large.

Customer Success Solutions

We can help you get your product where you want it to go and have helped SaaS and other service based companies scale to 20+ million dollar valuations. Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and get your product to market as quickly as possible.

Cannabis Solutions

Navigating the complexities of a Cannabis Operation can be challenging. We have worked with over 150+ cannabis operations in all legal states, and continue to assist cannabis operators achieve success.

Business Financial Model

Whether you are building a financial model from the ground up, designing a forecast model for investors or establishing a base to scale: Our financial expertise is there to help you achieve your goals.

Product Launch Solutions

We specialize in optimizing startup success through targeted product launches and customer-centric growth strategies, guiding your product to the right audience and shaping deployment based on customer insights.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Whatever your business need is, we're here to deliver. Reach out to us to find the right-sized solution for your project.