Success Solutions

Project Scope and
Services Acceptance

Are you able to deliver on the products you have sold? We can help you make sure you can execute and deliver on your sales agreements. The beginning of Customer Success and Operational Efficiency begins at the handoff from sales to implementation.

Either you have been operating and not meeting expectations with your customers, or you want to make sure you set up processes that ensure successful delivery. Our team will come in and analyze each one of your internal processes to make sure you are meeting expectations from the moment you close a deal.

Project Scope and Services Acceptance - Image

Implementation and Product Delivery

Now that you have all of your initial engagement processes established, this is where you engage with your customer. We will provide you with all documents you need to establish a successful engagement. This includes processes like:

  • Customer Journey Establishment
  • Account Expansion
  • Retainment Strategies
  • Minimizing Churn
  • Tech Stack Identification
    • Identification of all tools needed to support your company and its offerings
  • Technical Project Management Training
    • All steps in the project management lifecycle
  • Internal Organization
    • Where things are stored to be referenced
  • Best Practices for delivery
  • Establishing Timeline
  • Postmortems for scaling
  • Onsite Delivery
  • Post Go Live Stabilization
  • Support Handoff
  • Prioritization of Success needs based on ROI

Customer-Driven Growth & Support

This gets into using your customer base to enhance your product. Your best market research is your current customer base. You need to not only support them to resolve any issues they may have, but also take that information from the user and make your product better. Here we assist you with:

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • How to monetize feedback
  • How to quantify how many of your customers your success needs will reach
  • Sales and success expansion
  • Response time for issues
  • Staffing your support department
  • Technical help docs to minimize support contact
  • Customer Education